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Your website is a website that belongs to the website launch and a long operation on the Internet? However interfaces, features no longer fit with the demands of current Internet users?
Your website has been very successful in the early stages but the amount of user activity and visitors gradually declining?
The features of your website works very well initially and quickly but increasingly slowly and often annoying to users and yourself?

The difficulties in which you wonder is due to the constant development of technology applications on the Internet each day. If you're designing a website and not paying attention to it regularly, your website will become obsolete and no longer is preferred from the customer.

Until today, there are still plenty of businesses build websites just like in a fashion that does not really understand the importance of it. So that there are many websites after investment costs but not as effectively leverage their business for several reasons:

- Do not understand the business method via the website should not see the importance of environmental sites on the Internet. So also that there are many businesses after completion of website design has not updated content. Even still for content test (the content is updated to test the feasibility of providers and website design) or empty sites which have khonng content.

- Your website content rich no lack of regular updates. Especially the content, articles related to the field of your business.

- You understand the importance of your website and regular care for their website content rich and relevant, but your website is not as desired, eg speed increasingly slow website, the features of the website is no longer suitable for its website administration suit current needs of users ... but you do not know how to improve it.

For many content sites, the access is very popular slow over time. This is usually done by your web design work has not really apply new technologies and techniques at that time to make your website and do not really care about their customers long should had clipped the technical stages for system optimization.

- Internet users more than the previous year and also better understand their needs so the website features, the friendliness, aesthetic requirements are constantly changing. The new website launched later meet the needs of users to become the fierce competitor with your website. So if you do not regularly update new information and regularly consult the website of opponents that just proud of what has, then your website will lose customers without noticing familiar.

So, come to Vietnam to our SEO consulting and implementation to help you overcome the competition with a truly professional website, always meet the needs and tastes of users and gives you the rise constant improvement in your business field.
Workflow service maintenance and repair web:

Here is the process of our work for service maintenance, repair and upgrade its website to help you better prepare the necessary information when intending to use this service.

1. Receipt of customer requirements: We will collect the basic information relating to your website and content, business strategy, website address, the application technology (if you have information on technical).

2. System Analysis: We will analyze your system and launched website impairments technical features, interface compared to the needs and tastes of the current user.

3. Consulting, suggested changes, quote: After analyzing the system we will send the proposed change table attached quotes for customers to view and supplement (if any). At the same time we will also advise you further if customers have ideas for developing your website but do not understand much about the knowledge related to the business through the Internet.

4. Implementation upgrade and repair: After the customer agrees with the plan that we propose, the two sides signed a performance contract. Also, customers also need to provide information to retrieve current system in order to support the website we analyze in detail and more detail about the technical aspects of the system needs to change.

5. Acceptance and handing: We will together with our customers based commissioning and hand over the table and proposed contractual commitments. At the same time further advice to clients of changes required in the future.

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