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Process Design website

The process of website development standards simulated waterfall model, the key stages are divided into smaller unions, allowing implementation of a parallel web design at multiple stages. SOPs can we add, remove or change to fit the needs of the project.

1. Get the information requirements and the feasibility study.

Right from the first phase, we will assign an account manager to hold regular contacts with you during implementation of your website. Designee will schedule a consultation (in person or by telephone) to discuss the requests and determine the main goals for your website. Once we understand your primary purpose, we will determine the web design package suitable for your requirements the most. The designee will provide you with a website building plan to help you solve the requirements necessary for the site.

Web packages on demand will follow a more rigorous process to ensure that your specific requirements are well represented in writing before programming team conducting the website design.

2. Analyze requirements and planning website design

After the request for website design fully collected, we will conduct the analysis required to move into technical requirements, system analysis, the necessary human resources and planning website design . This process aims to ensure that your website is designed to comply with procedures and comply with the company's plan.

3. Interface Design

Stage design for the website interface is an innovative process that converts your image into an enterprise-quality Web sites, help promote your business through your website in the most professional way.

See website construction project was completed in phase 1, will help the staff understand interface design and technical requirements that website creation requires. On that basis, the staff designed our interface will prepare a conceptual model, illustrating the shape and structure of your website. The interface of this sample website will be forwarded to you for advice. Based on your feedback, the staff designed our interface to edit interface (if required) before final acceptance test interface. We believe the customer to participate directly in the creative process will ensure interface designed to meet the requirements set out initially.

4. Develop a database and Web programming

Web programming phase includes the conversion interface into a website operation. Programming staff will work directly with staff interface design to ensure real website will accurately reflect the final interface. Once the basic framework of the site is set up, the programming department will start merging the "Content Management CMS website" with the selected function for the site. Along with web programming phase, we will register the domain name and configure your email account.

5. Quality control, testing and handover:

Before you upload your website up for acceptance, web development staff will conduct quality inspection for your website with the strict standards to ensure the site's features perfect operation . Then the website will be available on the network environment to perform acceptance test.

Once you are completely satisfied with their website, we will proceed with the transfer of the relevant documents. Website upon completion will come with a minimum warranty of 6 months. Especially, for those sites hosted on the server of Viet SEO will be forever warranty (warranty will terminate when you no longer use or transfer website website on a server (server) other than by Viet SEO providers).

In a process development and web design standards, each of Viet SEO design combines efficiency among commercial functions, design and art creation.

We strive constantly to reduce construction costs without compromising the functionality and efficiency of the site interface. This achievement was driven by the advent of the web design package includes interfaces are available and save time developing a quality website.
Our goal is to develop and build a professional website, effectively serving the purpose of the enterprise.

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