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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after payment, I can use the service?

Usually after 30 minutes after we received your payment, we will send email notifications to your account information governance.
If you transfer money in the bank, time from when you transfer money until you receive our emails faster you move the mail.

I have account management, but how to manage?

Please read the following the instructions we sent via email. Which includes parameters to your Control Panel login your account manager.
You wonder what use Control Panel ?? Please go to the contact, you will be answered ...

Where I want my hosting multiple domains, why?

With each hosting account, you can only host one website only. However, we allow the use of multiple domain names for websites. That is, when typing the domain name to this address, it will appear the same website.

Data backup and data recovery like?

All SQL Server databases are backed up daily. Complete your website weekly backup on Sunday. In case of a request to restore the data, we will fulfill the request within 24 hours at no cost.
In case of emergency data recovery, we collected data recovery fee is $ 10 / visit.
In the case of data loss due to server, we will restore the data, within 24 hours.

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