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The term traffic web

To assess the popularity of a website, they often rely on data about traffic, link levels and other factors and then rank it. Similarly, when we heard the announcement on the website A few million hits per month, every month the website B has 1-2 million visitors (visitor) are statistics from the ranking tool is often used as a Google PageRank Alexa ... or from the set of statistics (statistics) of the website.

In it, pageviews, hits, impression ... is the term used to designate the traffic data website, also known as web traffic. Through this data, web (webmaster) will know a lot of information about the visitor, the site visitor has to see ... very detailed, depending on which set of statistical functions (statistics) collected .

The following are common terms often used to talk about the traffic:

A common trick is to increase the number hit delete cache (cache) of the browser and reload the page 1 again, the number of hits will be added. Despite the often huge hit but not taken seriously when traffic statistics and can not figure out web traffic.
- Hit: The number of hits of a website is often the first big number. Each file is sent to a browser by a web server 1 is counted as one hit.

More specifically, we'll attempt to click on one of the hit if the site has 20 pictures in the background (anhnen.gif, brother-tren-cung.gif, brother-turned-sac.gif ...) is to download it That was 20 the first hit. Next, the site also contains 10 frames Picnic (saigon.jpg, cantho.gif ...), we earned an additional 10 hit. End of the picture, we have to take into account the CSS files, JavaScript, Flash (SWF or FLV) files to HTML .. corresponding 1 hit. Thus, whenever one page is loaded, the system can count more than 50 sectors hit depending on the site content.

- Statistics Award: this refers to the calculation of 1st pageviews. When 1 visitors view the home page of the website, which is counted as 1 pageviews. Along his guests continued on page Contact, which was 1 pageviews. Whenever viewing 1 page (1 page views), visitors will generate more hits.

Want averaged each website visitor has created many pageviews, we take the total number of pageviews divided by the total number of visitors (visitor).

- Impression: a term for the number of occurrences of one factor (image, text, video) on one site. Impression is often used in the service package of marketing (advertising) and is calculated for each packet 1000.

- Visit and Unique Visitor: These are two important numbers when site traffic statistics. Website popularity as many hits website (visit) and visitors (unique visitor). Each visitors (unique visitor) created many hits (visit), impression, page views and hits.

Website visitors will be identified through IP addresses or cookie for a period of usually 24 hours. In about 24 hours, if the first visitor site back then counters (statistics) will record the hits (visit).

One note is that in one local network (LAN), many machines have the same IP address and web browsing 1 only counts as 1 visitors (unique visitor) and hits (visit).

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